Bernhard C. Striebel

Colorful concept art

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Bernhard C. Striebel
Bernhard C. Striebel

Please see the works of Bernhard C.Striebel in our exhibition “Constructivism, Mostly

Light, Space, Colours

Bernhard C. Striebel’s colorful concept art welcomes us with open arms: it is sensual and intellectual at the same time, it wants to enchant and surprise us and show what art is and can be. Light, space, colors and movement, as well as a game of words, concepts: these are the simple, yet highly effective foundations of this work.

three early works

Three early works, the first in our presentation, exemplify the questions and topics that have occupied the artist for three decades. Add to this the illusion that art often generates. We think that we are looking at a smooth surface in which the light is reflected, but this reflection is also photographed, so it is a pictorial reflection. Our association of the theater points to a principle that occurs again and again in Striebel’s art: the movement, the action.

The second work, “Bildbegriff” (Image Concept), plays in an ironic way with the words, with which the art is to be “grasped”. This is especially true for Germany with its great philosophical tradition. But often enough, in this way art is not explained, but almost slain. As with the thick, black bars of this work. In the multi-part works “Decoration – Declaration” and “Aber wohin!” (But Where To!) words are inserted, but remain incomprehensible in their meaning. These works also stand for the principle of change in Striebel’s work: the individual panels can be put together in many different ways.

"In the Light", room installation
“In the Light”, room installation

The counterpart to this is the cheerful and colorful “Commission”, a series of square panels with alternating stripes of color running along the wall like a frieze. This colorful concept art plays with the changeability of art and the intervention of the beholder: the panels can be exchanged with each other or even be mounted in several rooms. Or some panels are put aside and wait there for a new form of hanging.

The two works “Gertrud” and “Frank” take up the idea of the color stripes, but the panels are fixed. In “Frank”, the gray and black stripes are horizontal: the painting is the memorial for a deceased friend.


In the installations, Striebel explores space as a possibility of unfolding art. Color and light accompany the viewers – who become the users here, as they walk through the rooms – constantly offering new impressions. “Silver-gray” seems to consist entirely of light and reflection with its shimmering walls and mirror. These works, developed for specific circumstances, can also be transferred to other situations.

Our last work examines in four variations the shades a particular color can assume. The red square as a basis always remains the same, the overlying different colored foils give it very different characters. This is a truly colorful concept art about the essence of art, made in Berlin.

Please see the works of Bernhard C. Striebel in our exhibitions Constructivism, Mostly and Just Photographs.

And please visit also the homepage of the artist. The Haus am Lützowplatz in Berlin exhibited in 2009 Striebel’s “Minimalist Space Concepts“. And we recommend the book “Im Licht – Im Bild” of the Edition Monhardt. It won the “Beauty and the Book Award” for the most beautiful art book of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2017.




born 1953 in Laichingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg
studied at the Art Academy Stuttgart and the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg
Master of Fine Arts at the Institute for Art in Context, Universität der Künste Berlin

lives and works in Berlin

grants and support

1984grant of the Art Foundation Baden-Württemberg
1985-86DAAD graduates grant for Italy
1988Karl Schmidt-Rottluff grant
1990working grant, Senat of Cultural Affairs, Berlin
1991studio grant, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
1994German Study Center, Venice
2004project grant, Senat for Cultural Affairs, Berlin
2009catalogue support, Kunstfonds, Bonn

Solo shows

1983Pankehallen, Berlin
1986Marginalia delle Forme d’Arte, Turin
1987, 1989Galerie Vayhinger, Radolfzell (c)
1989Galerie Anselm Dreher, Berlin (c)
1990Galerie Conrads, Neuß
1991Fleetinsel 71/72, Hamburg
1992Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (c)
Galerie Theuretzbacher, Vienna
Galerie Vayhinger, Radolfzell (c)
1993Galerie Theuretzbacher, Vienna (c)
1994Galerie Anselm Dreher, Berlin
1996Galerie Theuretzbacher, Vienna
Galerie Vayhinger, Radolfzell
1997Galerie von Tempelhoff, Karlsruhe
Element, Berlin
2000, 2001, 2004Galerie Quinque-Wessels, Berlin (c)
2004Mies van der Rohe Haus, Berlin
2006Mannheimer Kunstverein
2008, 2009, 2010März Galerie, Mannheim, Cube 4 x 4 x 4
2009Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin
2010Galerie 149, Bremerhaven
2012Künstlerhaus Sootbörn
2013Kunstverein Erlangen
2014KunstRaum K25, Ulm; Verein für aktuelle Kunst / Ruhrgebiet e.V., Oberhausen

group shows

1986Haus der Kunststiftung, Stuttgart (c)
1988“W-ORTE”, Galerie der Künstler, München (c)
“vom alten Westen zum Kulturforum”, NGBK, Berlin (c)
1989weltbekannt e.V., Hamburg (c)
1991“Mit Fotografie”,  Galerie Conrads, Neuß
“The Artist´s Beautiful Language”, Galerie Anselm Dreher, Berlin
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Grant, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf (c)
“Interferenzen”, Riga und St. Petersburg (c)
1993Galerie Theuretzbacher, Vienna (c)
1995Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Grant, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf (c)
1998“Le Futur du Passé”, Hameau du Lac, Sigean
1998-99“Fleeting Portraits”, NGBK, Berlin (c)
2002“Bildbetrachtung”, Galerie Quinque-Wessels, Berlin (c)
2006Galerie für Konkrete Kunst, Potsdam; “Layout”, Art Forum Berlin,
2008März Galerie, Mannheim, Projektraum 4
2010Three positions of contemporary color painting, Berlin
2012Art Karlsruhe, März Galerie, Mannheim
2013, 2014, 2015März Galerie, Mannheim
2015„Quersumme“, Mannheimer Kunstverein


1997New Center Potsdam: Project for the site of the Palace in Potsdam. In collaboration with Joppien-Dietz Architekten, Rainald Angelis and Barbara Willecke. First prize (not realized).
2008Guestbook”, Manifesta 7, Bolzano. Collaboration with Valentina Sartori, Sylvia Marzall and Luis Fernandez Pons
2010The Sauener Forest – An Audioguide produced by artists. Collaboration with Mattia Bier, Valentina Sartori and Sabrina Schleicher
2012artists page, Mies Haus Magazine, Periodical for the Culture of Modernity
2015permanent window work for Vermittlungsstelle_b, Berlin