Jens Hausmann

Architectural Paintings - Utopia and Melancholy of Modern Houses

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Jens-Hausmann_Studio architectural paintings

Jens Hausmann puts his finger in the wound: the luxurious modern houses that he presents to us in his architectural paintings follow the formal utopia of classic, elegant modernism – but they are full of melancholy, are almost lifeless in their perfection, stand for themselves in their beauty, seem uninhabitable, like fortresses.

Following the footsteps of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier or Richard Neutra, the grand mansion are archetypes of modernism, equipped with its pathos formulas: flying roofs and wide terraces with pools, symbolizing domesticated nature; glass walls alternate with closed, block-like masonry. We are presented with the idea of the house as an abstract sculpture. This is the habitat of modern man, of the „new“ human being; sometimes the shadows of the old world he has overcome lurk in the background.

Against these formalized structures, Hausmann sets his way of production. He starts with reworking at the computer the images he found in magazines or on the internet or that he photographed himself; in a second step, in order to get rid of the photography aesthetics, he draws the motifs and transfers them without technical support to the canvas. Finally, the stroke of the brush when applying the oil paint, oftentimes in several layers, gives the paintings their vibrato, lets them breathe.

Some images originate from Brasil, where Hausmann frequently resides; there he experiences modernism’s demand for totality in a pointed way. He observes that the basic democratic idea of modern architecture has been replaced by demonstrations of power, wealth and luxury. An indication for this is the dominant use of concrete, Le Corbusier’s béton brut.

The wild and rampant growth of tropical plants is set against man’s intention to impose the world fundamental concepts. So Hausmann’s paintings may be seen as new allegories for the old combat of man vs. nature.

Our selection includes works that demonstratively contradict the grand design of the International Style. There is the small shed that seems to mock the idea of “constructivism”. There is the single family house from the suburbs, which in its simplicity follows the Bauhaus idea while at the same time represents the nightmare of a modern house. There is the villa on a slope, which is in danger of slipping at any time. And there’s the “House On the Park”, which the artist even dissected into seven parts. The utopia of modern architecture can hardly be contradicted more fundamentally.


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1964born in Meiningen (Thuringia)
1994-2000studied sculpture and painting at the Hochschule für bildende Künste, Dresden
2001Diploma, Prof. Ralf Kerbach
2004first residence in Brasil

Jens Hausmann lives in Berlin

Solo shows

2000“Spirit and Borders”, Galerie Jette Rudolph, Berlin
2001“Narkose”, Galerie Jette Rudolph, Berlin
2002“Psychonews”, Spielhaus Morrison Galerie, Berlin
2003“Zwischenraum”, Galerie Foert Garanin, Berlin
2006“Himmel, Wasser, Baum, Haus, Mensch”, Galerie Krings-Ernst, Cologne
“Heimkino”, Kunsthalle Vierseithof, Luckenwalde
2007“Traum von Haus”, Galerie Frederik Foert, Berlin
2008“Kalt, kalt – heiß, heiß”, Galerie Schuster, Frankfurt, with Isabelle Borges
2009“Fragile”, Galerie Schuster, Miami
2010“35 Fragments”, Galerie Schuster, Berlin
2011“Der unsagbare Raum”, Kunsthaus Meiningen, with Isabelle Borges
“Diktatur”, DSV Kunstkontor Stuttgart
2012“Blind Windows”, Von Fraunberg Galerie, Düsseldorf
“Minimal”, Galerie Schuster, Potsdam
“Fluchtlinien”, Kunstverein Barsinghausen
2013“In Serie”, Galerie Alte Schule, Ahrenshoop
2014“Melancholie – Kubricks House”, Kunstraum Unten, Bochum, with Sven Reile
“Jens Hausmann”, Kunststiftung Rügen, Orangerie Puttbus
“Dschungel”, Kunstverein Centre Bagatelle, Berlin
2015“Around the House”, smac, Raum für Kunst, Berlin, with Alexej Meschtschanow
“Minimal / Fragments”, Galerie Z, Stuttgart
2016“Niemandsland”, Kunsthalle Neuwerk, Constance
“Das geheime Zentrum”, Galerie Anja Knoess, Cologne
2017“Jens Hausmann – Vanessa Henn”, Galerie Eigenheim, Weimar
“Raum und Hülle”, Galerie Agnes Reinthaler, Vienna

For a listing of the group shows, please see the artist’s website.