Regine Müller-Waldeck

Works Bio

This artist’s works are reflections on the human existence. Where once large-scale paintings or elaborate sculptures gave lessons on characters and destinies, on vices and virtues, today the works by Regine Müller-Waldeck continue this narrative. It is the never-ending story of the fragility of a human being, of the eternal fight between confidence and despair, peacefulness and brutality, between basic trust and hope on the one hand and hardship and misery on the other.

As a socially and politically-alert personality, Regine Müller-Waldeck is not only concerned with the existentialist topic of ‘being-thrown-into-the-world’; she also questions the structures of relations and power we are bound into. That ranges from the individual relation with ourselves to gender-specific and interpersonal relations to the state executive and civil society. Her objects radiate a feeling of latent risk, they reflect the impossibility of controling interpersonal situations.

The extraordinary aspect of these works is this: while they deal with human experiences, man himself is absent. The objects are his representatives, they are symbols. Only in exceptional cases, for instance the wrung-out pieces of textile, is human activity recognizable.

On the whole as well as in detail, these objects are clearly identifiable, yet they remain enigmatic. There are – in Fence (2007) – familiar objects such as a door panel, a tilted chair frame and a branch, yet the head-like bundles immersed in wax remain mysterious, and our association with a raft must remain just an attempt at an interpretation. Similarly the wrung textiles: they are familiar to anyone who has ever tried to dry a piece of laundry; yet the interpretation of a „wrung existence“, as ever the same human fate, different as the human clay may be – that is the beholder’s point of view.

The objects and stagings are abstract and representational-narrative at the same time; the artist speaks of „frozen gestures and stills from a still running movie“. The clear readability might at anytime turn into a state of the absurd, scary or almost unrecognizable. This ambiguity is not the least based on the materiality of the objects. „My concern,“ the artist explains, „is to give the works their own lives, so that they exist just in their own materiality, their concrete medium and thus withdraw from the intellect and its verbal abstract structure.“



1975 born in Greifswald
lives and works in Berlin and Gristow, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Since 2012Member of the artists group Camelot/Cumuli
2005 – 2008Master-class student of Timm Rautert, HGB Academy of visual Arts, Leipzig
2002lecturing digital photography, Sächsische LehmbauGruppe, Leipziger Gesellschaft für Bildung und Arbeit mbh, Leipzig
2001 – 2005studied fine arts with Astrid Klein, Diploma, HGB Academy of visual Arts Leipzig
2000 – 2002Interdisciplinary d/o/c/k-project HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, with Beatrice von Bismarck and Alexander Koch
1999 – 2000studied with Mischa Kuball “Salon” monthly talk (with Alexej Meschtschanow)
1996 – 2001studied Media arts, HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
1994 – 1996educated as graphic designer, Grafik+Design-Schule, Anklam


2015Residency by Mecklenburgisches Künstlerhaus Schloss Plüschow for Virginia Creative Center of Arts (USA) Virginia Creative Center of Arts (USA)
2015stipend of the Käthe-Dorsch-und-Agnes-Straub-Stiftung
2012stipend of the Karin Abt-Straubinger Stiftung
2010stipend for NewYork by the culture foundation of the Free State of Saxony
2009grant from the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
2008Ars Lipsiensis Art Prize of Dresdner Bank
2007grant from the culture foundation of the Free State of Saxony
2006scholarship for female master-class students of the Free State of Saxony
2005Sachsen LB grant for diploma graduate students of the HGB Academy of visual Arts Leipzig


2012Neverending Story – Psychofamily, Städtische Galerie Nordhorn (with Jana Müller)
2010TOMATENCASINO / PAYHALL, Galerie Klemm’s Berlin
2009Regine Müller-Waldeck, Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin – Project room
2006 /07Emotional Security, Museum of Contemporary Art, Leipzig 2006 Galerie AMERIKA, Berlin (with Adrian Sauer)
2005Hanging – Oxford Street, Galerie AMERIKA, Berlin (with Frank Berger)


2015Trading Places – Zum Handeln der Dinge, Mewo Kunsthalle Memmingen
2015GLUE – „ … and I’ m not happy and I’ m not sad“, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Bethanien, Berlin
20153 D – Positionen zur Skulptur, Schloss Plüschow
2015Trading Places – Zum Handeln der Dinge, L40, Berlin
2015Disgni scelti dall’archivio – Storage Drawings 2012 – 2015, Goethe-Institut Bologna
2014Schwarze Sauberei, tête, Berlin
20141st drawing Biennial Rimini with Drawings Storage
2014Painting and Sculpture, 532, New York,
201313, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin
2013/14Rostock art prize 2013, Kunsthalle Rostock
2013No more heroes anymore, Kreuzberg Pavillion, Berlin
2013Pieces, Galerie Kwadrat, Berlin
2013Cumuli, L40, Berlin
2012In several aspects, Halka Art Project, Istanbul
2012Berlin.Status [1], Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
2011Dorothea, Gallery Ancient and Modern, London
2011Berliner Zimmer Genossen, Funkhaus Nalepastrasse, Berlin
2011Pop Hits, Tanzschuleprojects München, Autocenter Berlin
2010The Disasters of Peace, Umspannwerk Berlin Tiergarten
2010KMA, Galerie Krome Berlin
2010Die Dinge des Lebens, Kunsthalle der Sparkasse Leipzig
2010Glassworks. Fred Rapid. Autocenter Berlin
2009Hector-Kunstpreis 2009, Kunsthalle Mannheim
2009Carte Blanche IX: Vor heimischer Kulisse, GfZK, Leipzig
2009Close the Gap – Photography Studies with Timm Rautert, Kunstvereine Speyer and Pfaffenhofen, Galerie Kleindienst, Werkschauhalle Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig
2009Amnesie I, Kunstverein Leipzig
2009Unwille / Reluctance, Künstlerhaus Dortmund
2008Vertrautes Terrain – Resonanzraum / Familiar Terrain – Resonating Cavity, ZKM Karlsruhe (Katalog / catalogue)
2008Meisterklasse Fotografie 2006 – 2008 / Master-class Photographie 2006 – 2008, Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig
2008Close the Gap – Studium der Fotografie bei Timm Rautert / Close the Gap – Photographie Studies at Timm Rauterts, Sädtische Galerie Kiel (Katalog / catalogue)
2007Without Shadow – Masterclass of Timm Rautert, Galerie Eigen und Art, Leipzig
2007A4, Galerie AMERIKA, Berlin
2007Große Gefühle, Kunstverein Langenhagen
2007Floodlight, Galerie Maurer, Frankfurt
2006 / 07Cropped – Artists from European Academies, Figge von Rosen Galerie, Cologne
2006Before Everyone’s Eyes, Master class Timm Rautert – Académie des arts visuels Leipzig, bac (bâtiment d’art contemporain), Geneva
2006Berlin goes Zurich, Galerie Arndt & Partner,
2006BS 1, temporary project space, AMERIKA, Diskus and Martin Mertens galleries, Berlin
2006A Question [of/for] the Gesture, Opera Leipzig
2005Amerika in Leipzig, Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig
2005Precipitations, HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2005To be in the Picture, HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (with d/o/c/k-Project)
2004The Crack in the Teacup – Proceedings in Space, Kunstraum B/2 Leipzig
2001Zugzwang, HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2001d/o/c/k-Projektbereich / d/o/c/k-Project, in Kooperation / in cooperation mit / with Christian Jankowski
1998All Speek like Telly, You speekin’ lyka Book, HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig