Like many modern artists, Nicholas Kashian is a researcher, he explores the nature of art. But his search goes beyond that, he is concerned with the essence of beauty. He asks: how can beauty be defined today, and how can I represent it? „Beauty in this case,“ he hastens to say, „can be very nasty or shocking or dull, but somehow it resonates honesty about human nature and our environment.“ His tools for reaching this goal are „image making and the transformation of matter.“

He pursues this goal with great serenity, observing the world with open, curious eyes, always ready to marvel. A tree, a stripper or a village in the Alps are as valuable as an Italian landscape or Piranesi’s nested dungeon architecture. His path is by no means without risks, every now and then he has to face some turbulence while changing his ways of expression, his „style“.

Nicholas’ composure might be seen as typically American – indeed, being born in the town of Bloomington, Illinois, he is rooted America’s heartland. He began his studies at Arizona State University in Tempe, the second largest college in the US, and continued in Chicago. Finally, in 2009 his curiosity about European culture drove him to Berlin.

Since childhood he has been familiar with art, this might be another reason for his composure. His father is an artist, too, „and I was in and around painters’ studios from the beginning of my life. I do feel the most confidence and pleasure moving paint around.“ In a very natural way he has been free to try many directions, be it content, style or technique. Initially, his motifs came from everyday life, there are shoeshine boys, scenes from bars or children’s birthday parties, and many references to popular art. His quest for beauty finally drew him from figuration „towards more ambiguous, blatantly abstract and open-ended works that seem to want to define painting as a pure, visual language.“

Nicholas Kashian’s search is not targeted at a specific, the one and only „right“ abstract expression; instead, he wants to keep his openness and curiosity. Our selection of paintings demonstrates the creative variety within a short period of time, the year 2013, supplemented by a recent work. „What is important,“ the artist remarks, „is to be present, to be sensitive, sincere, focused, open and as powerful as possible. The work is thus finished when either it says it’s done or I abandon it and take to working on something new.“




Born: 1980, Bloomington, Illinois, USA



2007-2009 MFA, University of Illinois Chicago, Instructor of Record, Introduction to Drawing, Drawing Fundamentals

1999-2003 BFA, Arizona State University

Regents Scholarship Recipient 1999-2003



Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions:

2014 ‘Smoking Mirror’, with Florian Auer, Victoria Bar, Berlin

2013 ‘Ter Hell and Nicholas Kashian’, Galerie Walden, Berlin

2011 ‘Oh Henry!’, DeanProject, New York

2011 ‘Bitte Schön, Bitte Schön’, Galerie Walden, Berlin

2008 ‘Heat, Light, Power’, Elastic, Chicago, IL

2007 ‘Pascua’, Green Lantern, Chicago

2006 ‘New American Gothic’, Reversible Eye, Chicago

2006 ‘Nicholas Kashian and Adin De Masi: The Bremen Town Musicians’, Gallery Monorchid, Phoenix, AZ

2006 ‘Nicholas Kashian and Owen Durkin’, Acme Arts, Chicago


Group Exhibitions:

2015 ‘Paper Icons’, Hans Peter Zimmer Stiftung, Dusseldorf; Haus am Luetzowplatz, Berlin

2015 ‘Eine Phase in Meinem Leben’, Ventilator, Berlin

2014 ‘Tout Arrive’, Exo Exo, Paris

2014 ‘Let’s Fix It’, Freies Museum Berlin

2013 ‘NK,OP, DE”, Soumestra Galerie, Berlin

2013 ‘Cloud 9’, Sultan Gallery, Kuwait City, Kuwait

2013 ‘Synekdoche’, Freies Museum Berlin

2012 ‘Welten’, Galerie Ardes, Berlin

2012 ‘Studio 91’, Ridge Fine Art, London, UK

2012 ‘Out of Structure’, Group Show, Galerie Walden, Berlin

2011 ‘Partnership’,Galerie E105 together with Deutsche Telekom,   Bonn, Germany

2010 ‘Les Maitres Fous – Die verrückten Meister’, Freies Museum, Berlin

2010 ‘Best Of’, Forgotten Bar Project, Berlin

2010 Bazonalle/ LUST 2010, Weimar, DE

2010 Works on Paper: A Group Thing, Projektraum 91, Berlin

2010 Check Bounds Festival, Stadtbad Wedding, Berlin

2010 Coffee and Cigarettes, Freies Museum Project Space, Berlin

2010 Nicholas Kashian: De/Collage, Sammlung Luetzow, Berlin

2009 ‘Mirror on Mirror Mirrored’, Dean Project,NY

2009 MFA Thesis Exhibition, Gallery 400, University of Illinois, Chicago

2008 ‘Introduction: Future Dialogues’, Dean Project, NY

2007 ‘The Adoration Show’, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD

2006 NOVA Art Fair, Perogi Booth, Chicago

2006 Art One Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ



2014 ‘Fading Portraits’, Amnesty International Project with Pruessundpruess GmbH, Berlin,

2012 ‘Studio 91 Video Series’, Presented by Nik Holtum of Ridge Fine Art

2010-2011 Kunstpreis Freies Museum, 2010-2011, Artist Residency and Stipend 1-year term

2009 Chicago Public Art Group, mural project ‘Walker Mural-56th and Lake Park’ restoration

2007 New American Paintings, Midwest, Issue # 71

Cool Globes Sculpture Project, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver