The Conceptual Impulse Today, Part 2

In our third show on the theme The Conceptual Impulse Today we present you two sculptors and two painters.

Regine Müller-Waldeck questions the conditions of human existence. In her installations she explores the factors that shape us and create the characters we are. Here man (or woman) is in the centre, without him (or her) being present. The objects represent the human being, they are symbols.

Nik Nowak looks at the connection between man and machine and the force of technical (warfare) devices. In this case, the point of departure is a converted dump truck named Panzer: its „weapon“ is a deafening sound coming from 13 speakers. Visually, the energy is expressed in „drawings“ that are created by the vehicle’s rotations on laquered plates. This generates structures that resemble the energy and all-over structure of Jackson Pollock’s Action Painting.

Nicholas Kashian, an American in Berlin, explores the ways of expression of abstract painting. He does not aim at the one and only „right“ style; he rather tries, with great serenity and delight, the most diverse possibilities, from a free gestural play of lines to a rigid grid. While looking for beauty, he strives „to be present, to be sensitive, sincere, focused, open and as powerful as possible“.

Henri Haake is concerned with the tension between a figurative content and its artistic representation; he calls this „the artist’s fight with reality“. Very early on he succeeded in creating finished works in the tradition of European history painting, the content of which, based on press photos, was blurred by gestural brush work. In his recent works he sets clearly defined color fields against a figurative motif.